This project is focused on the horizontal priority of the Erasmus+ program of “Inclusion and diversity in all areas of education, training, youth and sport” and aims to reduce the social exclusion of students with developmental disorders in the school context.

The main goal of this project is to share experiences and ideas between experienced partners in the educational field so that we can create digital resources aimed at informing and raising awareness about the importance of social inclusion for students with developmental disorders (ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome , dyslexia and other significant issues) at school. These resources are intended for use by school staff and pre-primary and primary school students.

This project will last one year and will have the collaboration of teachers, educators, family members and all those who make up the educational community and associations dedicated to the developmental disorders worked on, in particular.


1. To fight learning disadvantages, early school dropout and underdeveloped basic skills – students who suffer from exclusion problems at school because of their limitations are more prone to learning problems, early school leaving and vulnerability in socioemotional skills (such as creating healthy social relationships with peers and teachers);

2. To support teachers, school leaders and other educational areas – because we believe that change in the school context starts with school staff, we want to empower them, giving them information and tools to work better with children with developmental disorders and inform the whole the school on the subject.


1. To create a “handbook of best practices” with important information for school staff to take into account in their daily work, in order to promote the social inclusion of students with developmental disorders;

2. Create other resources aimed at students (pedagogical-recreational content on various problems and how to deal with colleagues who have them: videos and card games);

3. Create an online training course aimed at educational communities on social inclusion in the school context.

All resources will be available in English and in all partner country languages – Spain and Portugal (with the exception of training, which will only be available in English).

Handbook: + Inclusive Education

Card Game: + Inclusive Education

Online Training Course: + Inclusive Education

Other resources:


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